Kohl’s Credit Card | Kohl’s Credit Card Login | Registration Process.

Kohl’s Credit Card, First thing to understand about the retail charge card. In other words, it means that it can only be used to shop from Kohl’s merchandise and not from anywhere else. It is associated with a store limit which is usually low credit limits than any other regular credit cards.


The card range lies between $300 to $3,000 which depends on the amount of credit issued.

This credit card doesn’t offer any rewards program.

Hence you can shop from Kohl’s merchandise by using Kohl’s cash which contains some rewards and also contains Yes2You rewards program. If you spend $50 on Kohl’s merchandise you will earn $5 of Kohl’s cash.

Now see how can we manage and operate our Kohl’s charge credit card.

Kohl’s Credit Card Login Process:

kohl's Credit Card login
kohl’s Credit Card login


When you are ready with your User name, password, computer, laptop or any smartphone and a strong internet or WiFi connection ready, you can proceed to login in the account of Kohl’s credit card website which is www.mykohlscharge.com. Now let’s see how to Kohl’s credit card login, follow the steps given below and you will be easily logged in.

Step 1- Get logged on to the my kohls charge website or simply type www.mykohlscharge.com or you can try the new address of the website which is credit.Kohls.com/ecustservice.


Step 2- Now go to the “sign in” panel.


Step 3- The next step is to enter the user name and password you are associated with.


Step 4- Now click on the button which says “Submit” and you will complete the login process.


Step 5-  If you got an error message on the screen then try to check your internet connections and confirm that user name and password are correct.


Step 6- Now enter the correct username and password with correct login details.


Congratulations! You have successfully logged-in into MyKohlsCharge Account.


Register To Your New Kohl’s Credit Card:


When you are going to get a registered account with Kohl’s credit card, you need these details in your hand. Following are some of the things you will need.


1- The first thing is Kohl’s credit card number mentioned on the card.

2- Your computer, laptop or any smartphone.

3- A strong connection of internet or Wifi.


When you have got a Kohl’s credit card and all the required details mentioned above then you can proceed for an online registration process on the official website. So here are the steps to register yourself at Kohls.


Step 1- Log on to the official website which is www.mykohlscharge.com


Step 2- When you will open the website you will be redirected to the credit.Kohls.com/ecustservice automatically.


Step 3- Now click the button which says “Register Now”.


Step 4- Now mention your Kohl’s credit card number and click to submit.


Step 5- Now you have to create a user name, password, email ID and contact number.


Now you have completed the registration process, now save your user name and password which you have entered in the process, for future use.

Process For Applying For A Credit Card:


When you have the essential documents at your hand and you want to know how to apply for Kohl’s credit, you need to follow these really easy steps.


Step 1- Log on to the official website of Kohl’s which is MyKohlsCharge.


Step 2- Scroll and go to the bottom of the page and you can see a link there which says “Don’t have a card? Apply now“. Click it.


Step 3- Hold on to read all the information and enter the personal offer code which you have got from Kohl’s merchandise.


Step 4-Then you have to click on the “Apply Now” button which immediately opens the online application form for applying for the Kohl’s credit card.


Step 5- Enter your first name, MI, last name, suffix, address, city, and al the rest of the details in that section.


Step 6- Now enter your home phone number, work phone, social security number (SSN) and date of birth.


Step 7- Provide your income details along with your email.


Step 8- Now read out the important disclosure and then click on the button which is about to continue and review.


Step 9- Now check your eligibility and submit the application form online.


Kohl’s Credit Card Customer Support:


When you are stuck at any step or got any problem with your Kohls credit card, you need to reach out to Kohl’s credit agent.

You can call at the number 800-564-5740 which is called as Kohl’s credit card phone number.

Forgot the password? recover it now.


As you know you cannot log in to Kohl’s credit card account if you don’t enter the right password. In case if you remember your user name and forgot the password and now you want to reset or recover the password, here are the steps for how to recover your Kohl’s credit card password.


Step 1- Open the official website of Kohls.


Step 2- Now go to the sign-in area and click on the link of the forgot password.


Step 3- Enter the username with which you are associated and now enter the last four digits of the SSN, you have provided.


Step 4- Click on Next to proceed further.


Step 5- Now you will have to answer some questions to recover your identity.


Step 6- Now you will receive a password on your email ID which will valid for some time.


Step 7- Now you can log in by using the username and temporary password and now create a new password that you want.


Kohl Credit Card Benefits:


1- Kohl’s customers receive 15% benefits with the new credit card by new email.


2- Customers receives 12 special discounts of 15%, 20%, and 30%.


3- You can combine your Kohl’s charge discount with the sale prices and with some special offers.


4- Customers can spend $600 in 12 months and can receive the most valued customer’s opportunity, in which customers 18 types of discount annually exclusively too.


How to Pay Kohls Credit Card:


Get registered with an account of MyKohlsCharge and you can make the free online payment anytime by using the sign-in page. Even you can schedule a payment for a daily basis for up to 180 days.


The cardholder can pay credit card bills in the Kohl’s store by using a check, money order or any electronic debit or even Kohl’s cares card.


All the merchandise of Kohl’s doesn’t accept the credit by cash payment through the mail but the subscribers l can make a payment by Kohl’s credit card bill by check or money order. The subscriber can mail the payment to :


Kohl’s payment center


P.O. Box 2983

Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983



How To Activate Kohls Credit Card


When you registered with Kohl’s account then you will have to activate your Kohl’s credit card.

Now you have to visit the MyKohlsCharge website but remember you can’t do this with your mobile phone. If you have your photo ID you can use it to activate the credit card for your next purchase or simply call at the number (800) 954-0244.


How To Deactivate kohls Credit Card

When you are not using, or have done with the Kohl’s credit card and now you want to deactivate it.

You can call the number (855) 564-574. You can also send an email regarding the payment just log on to the website and click the “Message Center”


Kohls Credit Card Reviews


The Kohl’s Corporation offers almost everything to the customers that too on a reasonable charge.

Kohl’s merchandise has from candy to engine oil, to clothing, footwear, jewelry, beauty product, etc.

Customers can get a great discount if they have a Kohl’s credit card which gives customers 12 times discount by the cycle of a year.

Refer More Details: credit card rules

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Kohl's Credit Card | Kohl's Credit Card Login | Registration Process.
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