Old Navy Credit Card Reviews, Registration, Login and Activation Process.

Old Navy Credit Card


Old navy is a one stop solution for affordable and stylish stuffs like clothing which is available all sizes for every family members. You can find many of the coupons, promo, sales etc very frequently. When you are going to shop from old navy then you will love their savings plan.


If you love to get gift cards and you are already shopping with Gap Inc, which is family of stores then you will love this Credit card

It is fashion to offer low credit limits to the customers and high interest rates by store oriented credit cards and Old Navy Credit Card does this also. Now if you started to like this credit card let’s get into this old navy credit card review blog.



Old navy credit card registration

If you are one of them who is going to apply for Old Navy Credit Card then you can follow these simple steps to get the card. Remember that you don’t have the choice to pick card as you want, you will get the credit card based on your credit limit. You will have to visit the online website offered by old navy credit card and follow the steps as mentioned below.

1– Go to the website of card.

2– Now go to the “login” section, you will see that in right side, now go to the bottom of that page you will see the “Not registered?, Register Now” click on that registration link.

3– Now you will be required to fill up the blank space with your details as per your phone number, full name, residential address, bank related details etc.

4– In the step 4, the page will ask you to generate your username and password which you will be using for credit card login process.

5– Scroll down to the end of that page after completing step 3, now click on the Register Now tab to get registered.

Now you are registered to apply for  credit card. If you are registered with the online account of old navy credit card then you can manage your credit card on the go with your smartphone, pc, laptop etc.


Old Navy Login process step by step

After completing process of old navy credit card registration, now you are applicable to login into your credit card account. We will show you the steps to login into your credit card in this old navy credit card reviews section.

1- Open the web browser as you wish. Now search for the old navy credit card associated website.

2- Go to the website and see the page on right hand side, you will find the login page. There will be two blank fields which will ask you to provide username and password.

3- Fill those blank spaces with username and password that you created for your credit card account.

   4– Now click on the “Login” button to access your account.

Now you can manage your account efficiently and make any payment easily.

Old navy credit card recover password

If you are the one who have the problem to forget password for couple of the accounts and you have forgotten the password of old navy credit card then don’t get panic because there’s a method through which you can recover your password as well as account.

We are going to show you the old navy credit card password recovery process.

  1.   Go to the login page of credit card website https://oldnavy.gap.com/products/old-navy-credit-card.jsp.
  2.   Now you will find three options, first will be login details, second will be signup link, third will be forgot password link. Click on the “forgot password” link.
  3.   After you click that particular link you will jump to a next page which will be actually a form asking you to put your phone number or email in the provided field. So fill those fields.
  4.  Now you will get a temporary code on your email or phone number that your have provided.
  5.  Come to the login page and fill username and password you just received.

Now you will be redirected to your account where you can change the password as you want.

Old navy credit card application

If you are done with all the signup and login process of old navy credit card then you will now head up to the old navy credit card application process. Today, in this old navy credit card reviews blog we will show you how to apply for credit card.

Remember that you can’t apply it in store you have the only option to apply for the card by online. Here are the required steps.

       1- Locate the old navy credit card website.


       2- Now head on to the login section and fill all the required details such as username and password.


       3- At the end of your account page, you will see the link as “Apply Now” for the credit card.


       4- By clicking on that particular link, you will get to see a new page which will ask you about your full name, SSN, address, phone number etc.


      5- After filling all the required details, get bottom of the page and click on the “Continue and Apply” link.


You will receive the old navy credit card after all the cross checking are completed. As you will have to give it a time like 2 to 3 weeks. You will receive it by post.



Old navy credit card activate

You will see this credit card and find the phone number through which you can activate your card. The number is  1-877-371-9673. By calling in this number, you will need to provide your card number and three digit security code.



Old navy credit card deactivate

If any of this credit card user don’t find any use of it’s authorised credit card useful or if they want to just block that particular credit card they can directly call at the old navy credit card customer support phone number or if they don’t want to call they can just visit this credit card account and delete the account. In this way the card will be blocked and have no use at all.



Old navy credit card payment

This credit card offers it’s users payment options as their convenience while you can choose to pay the bill online or choose the app to pay the bills. You also have the option to pay the bill through mail.



Online method

Login to your credit card account through website or app as you like. Now go to the pay bill portal and you can make the payment from there.


Mail method

Old Navy are open to accept the bill regularly and overnight also. If you choose to pay the bill by mail and fill up a check or even money order to make at least minimum amount which is due. Here is the mailing address

Old Navy Payments

P.O. Box 530942

Atlanta, GA 30353

If you don’t like all the above mentioned method then you can make the payment by simply calling to the customer support phone number which is 866-450-5294. You will need to input your credit card account number, ABA routing number along with your bank account number.



Old navy credit card customer support phone number

If any of the user having problem for using this credit card or have some query or any kind of doubt related to the card then they can call on the customer support phone number which is 800-653-6289.


Old navy credit card reviews

This credit card issued by Synchrony Bank and the card has some limited amount of gift cards and reward points as well. It is not recommended for you if you if you don’t have a good credit score. As you signup you will get 500 points because going paperless transaction. The candidate who is going to apply for this credit card will not get any choice to choose between visa version or basic version because it will be decided based on your credit score. There’s no annual fees and APR is 24.99.


Old navy credit card advantage

Before applying for this credit card you might want to know the benefits of the credit card.


1- The user of the credit card get to earn points while spending dollars on their shopping.


2- If any shopper, shopping with Gap or old navy stores will get 5 points for spending $1.


3- You are able to redeem the reward points by reaching at the minimum 500 points. The advantage is that you will get a $5 reward certificate.


4-  As a welcome bonus, new user you can get upto 15% discount on your first purchase for shopping from old navy stores. You are able to take this advantage under 90 days of your credit card issued.


5- By every year after you earn atleast 5,000 points, you are able to earn Navyist status. This will also get you to unlock some more exciting advantages.


6- Old navy credit cards offers it’s users a chance to earn upto 1000 as rewards points which is almost equal to $10. Thus can happen when the user fill an online form and enter email id.


Old navy credit card disadvantage

If you are interested to know the disadvantages of this credit card keep reading.


1- One of the most important disadvantage is that it can only be used at old navy shop or Gap family stores. So this means you can not use it anywhere else other than above mentioned places. However there are many credit cards who don’t bound you to use the card only at one place. You can also try for those options.


2- On top of that the rewards or any gift cards that you get to earn by this credit card can only be utilised at the authorised stores which are Gap family stores and old navy stores.


3- If you are frequent shopper at old navy then it’s not a big deal for you to get the old navy credit card. However you can not find any option to use your gift cards and reward points. So this means that you cannot use those as you want and wherever you want.


4- However if you are the user who holds card balance month-to-month, then say no to this credit card. You can try some good options present in market.




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