Top 20 Largest Insurance Companies in the USA 2020


Top 20 Largest Insurance Companies in the USA 2020


The consulting firm Facts & Figures has just published a ranking of the most important insurers in France, according to their turnover. The large insurance companies (CNP Assurances, Generali, AXA, Generali, etc.) monopolize the first places in the ranking, along with the bancassurers (Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel, etc.)

For several years, bancassurers (i.e. banks which also market insurance products, such as Crédit Agricole or Crédit Mutuel) have been directly competing with insurance companies and mutuals in the distribution of insurance products. insurance products.



According to this ranking of insurers in France, bancassurers held 36% of the market share in 2009. With strong disparities: bancassurance, for example, holds 53% of the life insurance market and more than 12% of the life insurance market. damage insurance (auto insurance and home insurance), yet the specialty of insurance companies.

Also note: the presence of 4 bancassureurs in the top 10 French insurers: Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel, Société Générale.

Ranking of insurers in France (according to their 2009 turnover)

1. CNP Assurances

2. Axa

3. Credit Agricole

4. Generali

5. BNP Paribas

6. Groupama

7. Covéa (MAAF, MMA, GMF)

8. Credit Mutuel

9. Allianz

10. Societe Generale

11. AG2R La Mondiale

12. Aviva

13. Macif

14. Natixis Banque Populaire Caisse d’Epargne

15. Swiss Life

16. AIG

17. MAIF


19. HSBC



This ranking takes into account the turnover made by French insurers in 2009. We can notice the significant presence of 4 bancassurers among this top 10. These are organizations whose primary activity is banking but which also offer systems. guarantees. The big insurance companies round out the list brilliantly. This study shows that the majority of covers are held by large groups in the market. Do not forget that there are nevertheless other competent providers on the outskirts of these big brands.

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